Atlanta bred, Londrelle, who raises the bar when it comes to Artistry, has literally BLOWN MY MIND. A 👑 KING 👑, a poet, lyricist (Feels and Female Energy) visual Artist, author (Eternal Sunshine) and audio blogger (You are Celestial Child Divine Romance). A FULLY EXPRESSED WHOLE human being on the planet that understands his divine power and wishes to share it with the world because he understands that the divine spark that lives within him, lives within us all.

The visuals, the music, the message – EVERYTHING – leads to LOVE, PEACE, LIGHT. It’s the most beautiful experience that I have been introduced to.

I wish I had more to share about Londrelle’s brilliance, but all I could seem to find is that he is an “underrated Swami” who lives in Atlanta and lives by the very core principles and values that heART of cool promotes and illuminates around the goal. He understands that we are all connected; and in understanding so, his website opens up with the miraculous phrase that I understand all too well: “A REFLECTION OF YOU”. We are reflections of one another. We all make up the collective conscious that is as real and vitals as our heartbeats.

Like I said, this man is A 👑 KING 👑,  A☀️LIGHT BEING☀️, A🔮MANIFESTER🔮, who helps us to REMEMBER how blessed and magically epic we are and how the greatest healer on the planet is LOVE. Recognizing the love and beauty within ourselves will align our vibration with the frequency that will attract abundance and and beauty unto us.

Check out “Life Is A Beautiful Mess”, A “Lovely…Lyrical Visual Spiritual Bliss that gave my Soul a Kiss like a Lifelong friend I desperately missed.” And allow this musical food to heal your subconscious and love you to the greatness and understanding of self which all beings on the planet deserve. I added a couple of more videos for you to check out. For more: you can always experience Londrelle’s Soundcloud also.

Shot out to author and life coach, Mr. Corey Taylor, another fully expressed King, who shared this gift which Londrelle emanates from his core.

Londrelle, 👑KING👑, you have been officially heART of cool STAMPED!


💜Love & Light☀️,