Sailor Woodmansee may be a young 14 year-old girl from Oklahoma City, but don’t let her age fool you. Her voice defies the convention of time and her understanding of what love unconditional is all about, supersedes countless “adults” that I have encountered.

Her latest release, “Look Around” is a melodic track that expresses the beauty of having someone that truly loves you for you and therefore understands the importance of what it means to never leave someone’s side no matter the ups and downs that LIFE often times brings. The feeling of not having to deal with life alone is beyond comforting. To know that no matter what whenever you “Look Around”, the people that you love the most will be right by your side – sunup and sun down – is a feeling that unfortunately many beings do not know in physical form.

Well, I have been blessed to have an unwavering sense of support and unconditional love all of my life. My parents have always provided that sense of comfort for me. And although God is the supreme one who is always there through thick and thin and when you are going through your darkest moments – having the divine reinforcement present in my life through my earthly father and mother has been priceless and literally brings tears to my ears EVERY SINGLE TIME I think about it.

So, I am dedicating this song to Mr. Ricky J. Mills and Anna Louise Mills for setting the bar so high with the grace and abundance of your love.

Check out the Saylor’s video and appreciate those people in your life that make the decision to be in your life whether or not the lights may be on. And that understand there is nothing that you all can go through – that will remove them forever from your life.