Art is a beautiful wonder that literally graces us everyday. And if we stay present and grateful, we can truly experience the magic that lives in all the Art around us. While dining at a Velocity Black recommended restaurant in Brooklyn, NY called, . I noticed the most quirky porcelain tableware items and kitchen utensils on the table. Made by a Turkish artisanal Design Brand, Santimetre, these pieces of Art elevated the level of my dining experience while adding such character to the ambiance I found myself in.

Manifested in 2009 at the aegean coastal town of Turkey, Ayvalik Santimetre was founded by Tulya Madra, a designer and a ceramist currently based in New York City. Although she started in the fields Of interior design and furniture, she immersed herself in ceramics and porcelain, specifically, became her most cherished medium of expression.

You can support Madra and the Santimetre Studio Brand in Soho, New York: 105 Thompson street between prince and spring, where you will also find a small workshop studio for Madra and the Artists she selects as collaborators to work on new pieces of Art.

💜Love & Light☀️,