My heART is always enamored when I run across a company that actually practices what they preach and seeks to be that which they promote. Alo has creatively mastered the studio-to-street mentality when it comes to taking the mindfulness principals of yoga and applying it to the spirit of the clothes created to empower conscious movement in the streets of everyday life. A company that provides yoga classes at work for everyone to attend and who also takes recycling to another level, with a solar-power dog friendly office, reducing daily waste to that of a small household. Since 2007, Alo has been creating technologically advanced yoga clothing that has harmonious edge and flavor.

Altruistic in nature, Alo takes The philosophy of  Namaste to another level and even founded a nonprofit focused on introducing  millions of children to the yoga practice. A company of pure intentions and true alignment, check out my favorite picks at Alo currently.

💜Love & Light☀,