Ryan Joseph, an innovative and spirited self-taught visual artist and spiritual warrior, uses a wide range of mediums to convey the life gems that his life experiences, passions and sufferings have aggregated. Consequently, for this heART of Cool (HoC) Art Tuesday’s; peace, love and happiness are the core principles within the fabric of the artwork explored as these principles are the reason why Ryan paints.

As a child psychologists to children with autism, a wildlife conservationist advocate and a human being that has suffered from mental illness and suicidal thoughts, Joseph is most certainly a colorful and resilient explorer, using his artform as therapy for himself and for others.

In fact, it was when Joseph reached rock bottom in 2015, that he decided to take his doctor’s advise and went to see a Buddhist Monk, who revealed to him the power of spirituality and mindful meditation.The Monk also explained, “No matter what past mistakes you have made in life those were in the past. Those mistakes do not define who you are as an individual.  If you can let it go and be mindful of the present then all the negative thoughts and emotions will leave you. Once you are in the moment you can start to become the new version of yourself. The best version of yourself and rewire everything that was negative into positive.

It was in this moment that Joseph bid farewell to the negative voices in his head and looked to painting as a therapeutic way to channel all of his emotions and experiences. What a beautiful and miraculous way to discover yourself, gift and career.

Joseph says, “the sky is truly the limit and I look forward to showing the world through my journey that no matter how low and hopeless you may feel, anything truly is possible and nothing is stronger than the power of your mind.

Thank you kindly Mr. Ryan Joseph for being a conqueror and a phenomenal example of how Art is Life and Life is Art; for on your life journey, you have shown us how Art is a remedy to life’s trials and tribulations.

💜Love & Light🌞,