Since I recently celebrated a birthday, despite my age increasing, my inner childhood is absolutely on the rise and finding new magical ways of expressing itself. And in honor of this beautiful and timeless feeling of evolution, I selected this week’s Artist as a profound reflection of the inner-child magic that wildly grows within me.

Her name is Super Future Kid – brilliant name I know. Born in 1981 in East Germany, the Super Future Kid graduated from Academy of Art Berlin (Germany) and Chelsea Collage of Art & Design (London) and currently lives and works in London. Her creations reflect a deep and personal fascination with the perception of the world from an adolescent perspective, especially as it relates to mystery, strangeness, games and playfulness. The themes of childhood and youth that the Super Future Kid focuses are

realms of spirituality, the occult, myths and character identity (dressing up and costumes) as well as my personal favorite, the freedom of the youthful spirit itself.

A painter and blown away by the power that painting has to create a whole new world that is an entirely nonverbal space, the Super Future Kid fully understands the life in which Art reflects as her paintings are not only bringing up nostalgic creative memories, but are also creating a new and improved identity not only as an Artist, but as a human being also.

So, check out the whimsical, colorful and lively creations of the Super Future Kid and always remember as you grow older in age, it does not mean you have to grow older in spirit. Stay authentically vibrant and you will always remain young at heART!

💜Love & Light☀️,