Music that hits you in the core of your soul and truly reflects the people’s perspective during the times – whether turbulent or joyous, is truly progressive, healing and liberating. It represents the power of music to lend a voice to the voiceless, making sense of sometimes what seems to be our senseless world, suggesting the most human direction as to how to think about world issues and move further in love and in harmony no matter how the circumstances appear.

TheVINTAGE BABIES, by Maimouna Youssef (aka “Mumu Fresh“) and Dj Dummy The Genius (DJ Dummy) is a collaborative album that speaks to the heART of what good music is. The uplifting transformative power it possesses creates a divine spark within whomever takes the time to listen. Grammy nominated seasoned singer, emcee, songwriter and producer, Mu Mu Fresh partnered with Grammy nominated DJ, producer, musical director, DJ Dummy to bring to life an album that is independent and self-motivated, marking the dawn of their collective called Vintage Babies.

Both of these bright stars I have had the pleasure to tour with while working for COMMON and they both are true Artists. They live the lives that they sing/rap/produce about and they really care about THE PEOPLE and their experiences on the planet.

With 17 soul and hip hop songs that features musical greats like Grammy & Oscar award winning COMMON, as well as some incredible songwriting and vocal assistance from Top Dawg’s own SIR, Malik Yusef and Baltimore’s Rose Gold from the Polly seeds, VINTAGE BABIES feels like vintage gold.

Timeless, rare and filled with a haunting, yet beautiful truth, this album embodies so many dynamics of God, love and human evolution which will inspire you to “Live, Love & Shine”.

Check out their most recent single, “Shine Your Light”  and be sure to buy the entire album which was Grammy Nominated.

And The Vintage Babies, you have just been OFFICIALLY heART of cool STAMPED!

💜Love & Light☀️,