Now, I love when I see the intersection of various Art mediums come into fruition with high execution and dazzling glamour. And, apparently, the creative team at Tom Ford, has an appreciation for the aforementioned and understand exactly how to create a marvelous intersection of photography, visual messaging, human anatomy and commerce.

This Tom Ford for Men Fragrance campaign in 2007 was brilliantly done. Yes, the women are naked and for the most part appear to only represent one race in a colorful world. And, yes the imagery is a tad bit racy, but it works. The way that they accentuate the female body with Tom Ford cologne is tantalizing, erotic, yet witty and smart.

Every time I look at the work, I am transported to Europe; a culture that embraces sex and being nude, dispelling dogmatic views and prudish views, proving that nudity can be vehicles of creativity and non-inhibiting expression. However, this particular campaign was in fact banned in ITALY – so I am not surprised if some think this is venturing on the edge of being tasteful at best and at worst, downright obscene. But, that is why  Art is left up for interpretation and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see Art when I look at these photos. What do you see?

💜Love & Light☀️,