One of the most beautiful qualities that I love about music is its ability to inspire us by the power of the stories and revelations the song conveys. Every Artist has the choice to decide what narrative they wish to communicate and the why behind that message. And in today’s world, often times money can be the driving factor, so Artists get caught up in making hits and selling records rather than moving hearts, improving minds and elevating lives. Consequently, when I run across an Artist that has put his or her stake in the ground to better themselves and others by the Art they are producing, I am inspired to share their Art and story.

Jus Chase is a conscious lyrical MC from PG County, Maryland, who is a true wordsmith and working his way to be a prophet. Currently living in Chicago and dropping ingenious freestyles that will lift your spirit and remind you what being a lyricist is all about, this young King has a brilliant mind and a resilient heart. Chase is someone who we definitely should support and look out for as he ascends to greatness while navigating this thing called life.

In addition to his other music out there, check out his song, “Afraid Of Heights”, as he gives you a glimpse of his reality along with others that come from the struggle, but desire to fly to the top. And learn how he wonders…… after all of the work and sacrifice that it takes to soar to great heights, will he be timid or afraid and alone or will he be happy and at peace, fearless as he thrives.

His ability to move past the self-defeating thoughts and fears of the subconscious mind, will ultimately be the deciding factor. However, he is not alone – as all of the greats must past this test. Perhaps maybe the greater lesson is that if we are true to ourselves and share the gifts that the Creator has blessed us with in good faith, then no matter what this world says, we are already at the top. For if we have to be before we become, we are the top before we arrive, which is how we attracted that physical destination anyway.

Just a thought.

Just Chase, you have just been heART of cool STAMPED!

💜Love & Light☀️,