Haris Listos, a man that pays attention delicately to every detail as he transforms whatever canvas, wood or paper he works with by directing his human paint brushes to leave imprints of their buttocks, gets the heART of cool STAMP for this week’s heART of cool Art Tuesdays.


I learned about this rare and cool artist while catching up on my @ratedmodernart instagram session. I saw all of these rearend impressions with a woman’s backside standing up right captured in the photo. It was tasteful and intriguing and I was lured to learn more about Lithos as an Artist, his process and the subjects under his direction.

the-traces-imprints-created-by-haris-lithos6 the-traces-imprints-created-by-haris-lithos5 the-traces-imprints-created-by-haris-lithos2

Rich colors stamp the traces of Lithos’ subjects that range from teddy bears to jean jackets to females, unveiling a new and delicate way to manifest art. There is an undeniable chemistry between the subject and Artist reflected in Lithos creations. An intimate, yet tasteful interdisciplinary artistic affair for sure. In fact, Lithos takes on the role of not only a visual artist, but a director and storyteller as well.


Lithos’ process is so multilayered and intriguing that it reminds us how important the process really is when creating Art or anything for that matter. He selects a model and learns her story and then picks a part of the body part that relates most to her one of a kind narrative and then begins to direct its imprint for the ultimate collaboration. Forms reappear but in wildly unique and compelling ways, highlighting the nuances and differences among Lithos’ subjects. And the best part about all of this is that although we are looking at one of the most objectified parts of the female’s anatomy, Lithos is not objectifying these women. Yes, he is appreciating their sexuality but in a manner that draws upon that sexuality to paint a deeper and more meaningful  narrative that coincides with their life journey on the planet.


ART is deep and has so many layers to it. To look at a piece and allow it to impact you creatively is only one point of discovery. And when it gently calls to you encouraging you to learn about the Artist and the process by which the Art was produced, those are two other different encounters as well. It literally is fascinating to seek and find all of the different layers.


It is equally amazing that an impression of a woman’s gluteus maximus could look like so many different objects, especially when the model was not in the picture. When I look at Lithos’ work, an array of illuminations come to mind such as: hearts, angel wings, flowers, rib cages, wigs and even butterflies. What do you see? Take a look at the artwork and let us know what you see.


💜Love & Light🌞,