Today is a great day to get up and get moving!

Our bodies require love in a number of ways. We incarnated in these physical bodies to experience our five senses. It is important for us to stay stimulated in harmonious ways. Being stimulated by fresh flowers, fresh air, living foods and exercises for healthy blood flow, skeletal system and muscles.


Part of the training in life has been to understand what the human body needs physically. As a certified personal trainer for over eight years I’ve begun to understand just HOW truly capable our bodies are. As well as how severely limited they are in our modern day lifestyles and movement patterns. These machines that harbor our consciousness are extremely capable and willing to perform. It is our duty to treat and take care of our body; we are this body for the time being. Exercise and stretching is crucial for a healthy and abundant life. We are physically as young as our spine is healthy and mobile.


I encourage daily stretching and exercising with all of my clients. When we were younger—we were active until the sun went down and them some extra. The days of playing outside and being adventurous are not over, so why stop? If you aren’t getting the same bruises and cuts you did when you were little, you have stopped pushing your physical limitations. In this moment, I invite you to perform any exercises you know. In a slow and mindful way, observe how your body responds. Observe how your mind responds to the sensations of your body. What voice comes up during times of distress? It is so vital for us to be aware of what we are listening to within our bodies and how we respond to ourselves.


Being mindful and listening to what our body needs is our duty. Take care of your body and it will certainly take care of you. I’m here for any of you who may have questions regarding health and fitness. This is all a great big role in the journey of ascension.

Sending you love and fun active energies,
Kyle Polansky