No one told me how naturally stunning and beautiful Miss Kelis was, is and forever will be. However, I sure was reminded last Sunday how “Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard” when I experienced her Bounty & Full brunch in LA. And what a vibrant experience it was! Kelis is truly beautiful inside and out and emanates a high vibrational and magical light energy.

A mother, an innovative artist, a Le Cordon Blue graduated chef, a visionary and A queen, Kelis is a silent and lethal game changer. Her phoenix capabilities are reflected in the efforless way she creatively reinvents herself. Who even knew she was a chef. Apparently, @Donnagltych who accompanied us did; but to tell you the truth, Tash and I were clueless.

Anyway, I am letting you know NOW, the Bounty & Full brunch is something you want to put on your calendar on Sundays, so you can be introduced to the Kelis Effect, which will have you feeling toasty and bountiful with their bottomless mimosa special and will most definitely leave your tummy full of unique dishes creatively crafted and cooked with integrity and love by Kelis herself. Oh, and we cannot forget to mention that you’ll be grooving to some timeless amd funky tunes presented by none other than the beautiful and incomparable, DJ Rashida, who is well known for her natural ear for music and for working with the late musical genius, Prince.

Being able to navigate and adapt to the incessant evolutionary process of life and career is a challenging task in this day and age when people’s attention span appear to be shorter than a millisecond, so it is with great pleasure that we rounded the troops and put our money where our mouth is by supporting real and genuine Artists with raw talent and open hearts such as Kelis.

Besides, her business moves are to be commended as she has her own sauce line with ingredients that are globally sourced, 100% natural, and high quality. Kelis, who like me, “believes everything is better smothered, dipped, and poured,” travels far and wide to personally select the ingredients to concoct wild, tempting and decadent sauces that you will not find any where else in the world.

In conclusion: Queen KELIS, thank you for your vision, divine feminine energy, bountiful spirit and dynamic and gifted light. Tash and I were extremely pleasured to meet you and look forward to saluting you; not just in this moment, but in many more unparalleled moments to come!

You get the heART of cool STAMP??❤!!!

For more information on Kelis’ Bounty & Full brunch, click here.

💜Love & Light🌞,