Entering into the Artistic world of Karen Bystedt is like journeying into a whimsical and elegant garden of infinite creativity, colorful brilliance and incessant evolution. An artistic paradigm shifter of the universe we found ourselves in and a world visionary, who has developed a reputation for organically recognizing other Artistic visionaries before everyone else; Bystedt is one that is fascinated and inspired by the human experience. She looks for integrity, individuality and passion in today’s artists and she bedazzles all innovators who attract her gaze, often foreshadowing the next star that is set to rocket.


Karen’s first collaboration was with Peter Tunney at Wynwood Walls in Miami, FL.

Bystedt’s creative eye and magical energy is one of a kind. And rightly so, as she is the founder and photographer of The Lost Warhols, shot at the ‘The Factory’ in 1982 in New York City; a project which illuminates one of the greatest art icons of the twentieth century, Mr. Andy Warhol himself. Ten 40×40 limited edition photographs of the Pop Art King were produced by Bystedt as a result of this encounter, but they were not published until years later in 2011 when she uncovered the negatives she thought were lost for 28 years.


Karen’s collaboration with Gregory Siff in Los Angeles, California.


Bystedt, who was a student at NYU when she cold called Interview Magazine and  Andy Warhol picked up the phone himself, took the unforseen opportunity to solidify a portrait session with Warhol for her project at that time on the top male models of the era.


Karen’s collaboration with Dom Pattinson in United Kingdom.

According to Bystedt’s account on her website, “For the sitting, Warhol dressed himself in a purplish brown tweed Perry Ellis sports coat, a navy blue shirt, a brown and red knit tie, khaki pants and loafers. A neatly combed white toupee replaced his standard messy “fright” wig. His face was covered thickly with pancake makeup – so heavily put on that much to his aghast, Bystedt smoothed over his application with her fingers. Once the camera and lighting were in place Warhol nervously handled a small American flag. And Bystedt managed to get thirty six shots of the artist in a variety of poses.”


Karen’s collaboration with Speedy Graphito in Los Angeles, California.

Since that very meeting, Bystedt, has published four books and created a strong presence in today’s street and pop art community as a creative visionary and visual artist. There is no doubt that the dynamic energy that was exchanged between Bystedt and Warhol in that portrait session was most certainly magnetic, manifesting a work of art and legacy in and of itself, that Bystedt exudes and champions even still today.


Karen’s collaboration with KONFUZED in Culver City & Malibu, California.

Bystedt’s distinct and bold abstract style has no limits and inspires a world of Artists and human beings on this planet. And it is evident that the spirit of Andy Warhol crowns Bystedt everywhere she creatively wonders; whether collaborating with Chris Brown aka Konfuzed, Dom Pattinson, Speedy Graphito, Peter Tunney or even Gregory Siff, just to name a few. One thing that we can always count on is Bystedt is always co-creating and that is just one of the many lovely reasons she gets the heART of Cool STAMP!

Permanent collections of the Lost Warhols may be found at The Andy Warhol Museum, the Armenian Museum of Modern Art, the Hearst Foundation, the Lourdes Foundation and in the private collections of Prince Albert of Monaco, Tomoasso Buti, George Lopez, David Caruso and the Dean Collection (Swizz Beats) among others. 

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