The creative musical force, RAE SREMMURD, have busted into this earthly atmosphere like a world wind! I have been watching these guys’ growth for a while and it has been quite a ride so far.

The RAE SREMMURD wave is LITT as we say! And these two young gentlemen, Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy, have done it again, that is blown my mind of course, with their accomplishment of obtaining the cover of FADER magazine!

In case you did not know, FADER is the cover that any musician would want to get on. They are the future of music information! They have covered dope artists such as THE WEEKEND, TRAVIS SCOTT and now RAE SREMMURD.


I, personally, have been a fan of RAE SREMMURD since the start of the wave. I remember Cristen taking me to a festival called, TOMORROW WORLD, and actually hanging out with the guys and having no clue who they were, but knew enough to understand that they were COOL, vibrant and innovative.

To see the progress they have made over such a short amount of time is absolutely amazing. And now with them taking the cover of FADER this will help others get a true understanding of the dynamic power the RAE SREMMURD brand possesses.

Reading the FADER article really gave me a lot of insight on the group, as well as solidified my feeling of them being like the modern day CRIS CROSS, as we all know erything comes back full circle. In case you did not get the memo that RAE SREMMURD is on the rise, be sure to check out their interview on FADER below! And learn more about how the SREMMURD wave has taken to the charts with their last album having only 11 songs, 5 of which were singles. TRULY INCREDIBLE!

Congratulations RAE SREMMURD! You two get the heART of Cool STAMP.

Click here for Rae Sremmurd Cover Story Interview >

Signing Off!
– Tasha Bouè