Well Batman Vs Superman has made its way to the big screen and everyone is excited! The batman and superman franchise are 2 of the longest standing comic book series. The DC brand is one of the major powerhouses for film comic book releases, but now they have really put a spin on things. The BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie is a big blockbuster release starring BEN AFFLECK, which we are not use to playing a super hero but should be pretty cool. The film hit theaters Friday and has been doing quite well since the release, which is what we all hoped for! Although Cris and I have not had a window to see it we do know it is something we don’t want to miss! Director, ZACK SNYDER said it was great working with the stars and you were in for a surprise! SNYDER, known for incredible movies like 300, MAN OF STEEL, WATCHMEN and plenty of other films, has created a gem with this movie. We hope you have a happy Friday and if you have a minute be sure to check out BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and let us know how it was!


Signning Off!