Life is simple, but humans complicate it. My father always shares this fact with me and I am grateful because humans really know how to screw things up, especially in the pursuit of money. Sad, but true. And what makes matters worse is that they lie in our faces about it as opposed to being honest, so we can at least make an educated decision that can create a healthy and abundant life.

WHAT THE HEALTH, is an original Netflix TV series that explores how complicated and whacked our food industry is as a consequence of all of the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical companies making all of this money by poisoning the people and then treating them with drugs that treat the symptom, at best, or bring on a new ailments and get them addicted to drugs, at worse. I guess that is why the Food & Drug Administration go together because they are in cahoots.

Am I vegan? No, quite frankly, the only noun that comes after “I Am” in relation to me is “CRISTEN MARGARIT MILLS. I listen to my body and incorporate a lot of faith in my everyday movement. Do I eat meat a lot. Absolutely not and if I do, I know exactly where it comes from and how the animals were raised. I 🙏Give Thanks🙏 to the Creator that created the food source and the life that was sacrificed for my nutritional well-being. At the same time, people lie and create illusions legally for the sake of money and population control. So, I could understand the worry of whether or not something is really organic just because the label says so.

The time for being spoon-fed is long gone. We need to educate ourselves, start applying the knowledge we are learning with discipline and stay woke as there may be a time when we cannot eat any meat or fish at the rate we are going, which according to the testimonies of WHAT THE HEALTH, IS NOW.

The more life you put in your body as opposed to flesh, the better because our human bodies represent life. With that in mind,, check out, WHAT THE HEALTH, produced, and directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the makers of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, and let me know if after watching it, you decided to go vegan like me?

💜Love & Light☀️,