The Visionary’s Manifesto in association with heART of Cool Presents Corey S. Taylor “Fitness As A Lifestyle,” A Transcendental Truth Based On The Self-Authored Book The Journey

The candidate for this week’s feature of The Visionary’s Manifesto is more than just a guy who teaches people how to lift weights and do body exercises.  Corey S. Taylor is revolutionizing the fitness industry in an up-close and personal way by motivating his clients from within.  Whether it is by setting himself as an example by forgoing his muscular achievements and gaining a huge amount of body fat to show his clients that he can truly empathize with them as they work together to get back to their ideal weight and health goals from writing a book which further assists the people who read it to gain a better understanding of themselves and to live their best lives to assuming the role as a life coach using social media platforms to speak one-on-one with people struggling not only to make physical gains but who also need a life coach to keep them balanced and focused mentally.  I mean really!! What else can Corey S. Taylor do to show his commitments towards helping people live a beautiful well-rounded healthy life!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he also incorporates a live-in training element where Corey comes to live with you while you are being trained, now that’s what I call some serious in-house motivation.  Speaking about getting up-close and personal 😉 Let’s explore this man of many gifts and an even bigger heart as we dive into the interview!

HoC Interview:

HoC:  Can you tell our audience how you came about writing the book titled: The Journey; A Self-Mastery Workbook?

CST:  The book came from me being aware of what I could offer the world being responsible for my gifts and experiences. Feeling obligated to at least attempt to provide something from the life lessons that I have had to learn the hard way.  Traveling all of the different paths that lead me to this point in my career, both professionally and personally. It is something that I would have felt guilty if I did not accomplish, I believe that we are all unlimited in our potential and it is the thing that we dare not do that should be done first. In writing the book part of it scared me because I have never written a book before but in is sense I write a lot of captions on my social media feeds so it was about pulling from that pool in regard to what I was already saying in an authentic way from inception.  My intent was to be present in each word and each page barring the right from wrong aspects that the book “The Journey” would be interpreted on positive level by hopefully millions of people.

HoC:  In one of your most inspiring moments, you actually introduced the fit-to-fat-fit example to help a client feel empowered, why did you feel it necessary to go in such an extreme direction?

CST:  I believe that people were and still are only seeing the surface level of what a trainer is as opposed to what a personal trainer can be in their lives and what the overall journey entails.  I felt that this would not just only be a way to expose the true compassion and commitment I have for clients but also to show the true value of a personal trainer as someone who can take you on that journey and what better way for me to use myself as an example by gaining the weight just to lose it again to show the strength of my program and how much I believe in it.  I believe that we have a lot of self-proclaimed gurus in the fitness industry but I knew this to be the best way to utilize the platform as a practitioner by being someone that doesn’t just speak about losing the weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I lived it from beginning to end.  It goes without saying that I was afraid because not only would I be challenging the brand that I built but also focusing on the outcome of it all given lessons I learned from that experience which in-turn allows me to serve in a more identifiable way towards my clientele.

HoC:  How important is the meditative component of your individual group routines?

CST:  Very important and long overdue, I began my meditative journey only a few years ago.  It is tool for my clients who seek a deeper understanding of self and I knew it needed to be implemented into my program and so when I realized that I had reached a level to teach others I began to implement the process globally within my routines.  The combination of the physical training along with the mental focus became infectious towards the lifestyles of my clients resulting in reaching their respective goals much faster.  Meditation is the difference maker within all of my core workouts.

HoC:  I’ve heard of personal trainers adopting the at-home fitness routines to their roster to assist their clientele in meeting their goals but you introduced an infusion technique within the genre.  How does the live-in-home trainer concept work?

CST:  The in-home training concept comes from my understanding of human nature and quite frankly people need more than what they are asking for, they may ask for a personal trainer but they really need a best friend, or a life coach, a cook.  Through my years of dealing with being a coach and aggregating tendencies and patterns I realized that if I’m going to help you I really need to be with you every step of the way towards the depth of where you need that specific assistance will involve you creating a space to allow me to come in or you refuse that knowing if I were too close that I could potentially change your life forever.  This technique is really a way to shake the so-called tree and for me, a person who understands my true purpose which is to target the people who need me the most I want to be busy saving lives I want to be busy changing minds and so if I’m with you 24/7 I’m not only helping you with your problems, I’m helping you understand the root of the cause within the issue at hand that got you to the point of where you desire to make those significant changes.  Once I implemented this service it was just a matter of weeks before I started to get really good feedback and clientele, actually living with athletes and people from every walk of life for a duration of time helped to change their perspective and revise their goals through changing the routines whether it be the meditation when you come home from work or the protein shake in the mornings to music being used to motivate you to wake up.  There is an accountability re-enforced towards learning and incorporating everything you need to succeed and by the time I leave your space you will have forgotten how to fail because now the tools are planted deep within your given lifestyle.

HoC:  In one of your many inspirational quotes via social media you stated, “if you want big things, you have to be willing to take the risk of wasting your time.” What does that statement mean?

CST:  That statement centers on people who have the idea of success but there is a disclaimer attached to their belief system that the action they take may not work because they don’t know how to perform the steps necessary to get to the next level and the one after that.  In all actuality, none of that is as relevant because you have to be willing try the things you haven’t done to see if you were right about yourself overall and you have to be willing to do that which you may consider a waste of time because that’s where the effort factor comes in and allows you to grow from the experience so by even in the act of failing you have gained a deeper perspective.  The business idea that took you through three years of ups and downs and didn’t make any traction in hindsight it was worth it because you now know what works and what doesn’t work towards meeting those goals, you become wiser and sharper at navigating the turns.  You have to change your perspective and look at something as an opportunity within the disappointment of not meeting the mark, the goal is not to be perfect but to progress through for as long as it takes for those important lessons to be learned and executed in a better fashion.

HoC:  Can you go deep for second and tell our audience about some of your most challenging moments and how you overcame them?

CST:  Definitely, the first thing that comes to mind is the summer of 2011.  I was living in familiar surroundings but those things in my life were not encouraging me to evolve, I stepped out on faith and moved to a different city.  I didn’t have the resources such as a car or a constant flow of money and I was separated from family and friends, it was a very humbling and dark time because it was the first time I experienced struggle by my own hand and I had to make a choice at the age of twenty-three to decide if I was going to simply go back home rather than stay true to my dreams all the while telling myself will I be giving up on the books that I have yet to write and the chapters which will come from this experience, the creation of the hooks of the songs that will yet inspire me.  Did my mother come to a similar fork in the road when she was left to be a single mother, was this experienced designed to be my so-called pilgrimage and it took a good month of going in and out of depression and constantly journaling, drinking it away to numb the emotional rollercoaster.  The clarity came when I realized finally that this chaos will all change when I make the decision to change my mindset and become a man and If I fight back against the darkness and triumph it will be by my own sheer force of will and after such an experience nothing and no one will be able to break me.  I chose to be unbreakable.  I became better than before, I woke up at 4am when other trainers would wake up at 6am, I stayed late and trained clients at the gym.  I removed anything that created a barrier towards me meeting my goal even if that meant putting off celebrating my twenty-fourth birthday and any other holiday or event.  I was determined to put more effort into meeting my goals than ever before, whether it was a relationship, job or school.  The challenging part was knowing I was going to meet my goals but not having any idea of how many days and long nights it would take to get me to that point.

HoC:  What spiritual mantras do you hold most as it speaks to the legacy you are building through helping people live a healthy lifestyle?

CST:  I would say that the opposite of depression isn’t happiness it’s vitality and so if you aren’t at your best physically and emotionally then where are you within the knowledge of self.

HoC:  Your decision to continue to inspire others in such a dynamic way is honorable, but where do you find your own brand of unique inspiration?

CST:  I like this question, there are a few special people that have empowered me along the way and yet one specific person comes to mind, that would be the one that started me on this journey and lit a fire within me. Eric Thomas a minister, motivational speaker and author told me that you have to be willing to die for what you really believe in, you have to want it more than you are willing to breath and if you aren’t willing to make that kind of effort then you aren’t telling yourself the truth about what you really want.  I lived by those powerful words for years and I still motivate myself by uttering them.

HoC:  We all as human beings experience so many different moments in our lives that challenge on a deep emotional level. Can you define how we can utilize the immense pressure that we are confronted with to grow into the powerful beings we were meant to be?

CST:  The best advice I can give is to tell people to stop stressing about going through it and start growing through it.  You must understand that God will not bring you through a storm to only see you drown, you are only there to become stronger and if you spend your life shrinking away from the hard parts and heavy moments you are missing those opportunities to rise and grow through the pain and dark parts within the ambiguity of life so keep swinging, It will ripen you and sharpen you.  There is more to learn through your struggles than through your successes.

HoC:  What perspectives would you like to leave our audience with as a takeaway in relation to adopting an alignment of mental physical and spiritual transcendence?

CST:  Mastery is a journey that takes your entire life to walk, do not be in haste be happy and remain a student.  Each day bears an understanding, each year you gain strength, each decade you inherit wisdom.  So walk slowly towards the things that you want be patient with your heart’s desires, learn as you reach and in time you will evolve. Take your entire life to become who and what you choose to be.

To learn more about Corey S. Taylor and to acquire his book “The Journey” and many other health related products please visit his Instagram site @iamcoreytaylor via the link and also on Facebook at Corey S. Taylor.