Self-proclaimed renaissance man based on his ability to act, dj and now direct; Idris Elba seems to fearlessly be tackling his dreams one by one, and regardless of whether or not everyone “gets it”.  I saw “Yardie” which unveils Elba as a feature film director is a coming of age story of a boy born and raised in Jamaica that has to select which life path he will chose: the path of the righteous (Love, forgiveness, abundance, accountability) or the path of the not so righteous (fear, violence, lack and entitlement). Brutally intense and gritty, this raw tale is sure to leave your mouth agape and heart racing. Be sure to check it out once it comes out to a theater near you! I love supporting Artists such as Elba that dare to dive into new territory when it comes to expressing their creative expression from a new vantage point within a new a new creative medium.

Adapted from Victor Headley’s 1992 novel, “Yardie”, is a tale of a poetically classic reggae song gone traumatically off beat due to the the drug and gang culture in Jamaica. A little boy’s innocence taken and shattered as a result of losing the closest male figure to him. Despite the negative feedback some of the critics gave “Yardie”, check it out for yourself. And pay special attention to the scoring also. It appears that Elba’s ear developed from his djing days came in handy. And if you are able to relate to lifestyles that may be a night and day comparison from your very own, you should be able to appreciate the unique narrative and voice that Elba ushers in with his directorial debut.

Yardie gets the #heARTOfcool STAMP!

💜Love & Light☀,