A perfect precursor to the highly anticipated Marvel movie, Black Panther, “All The Stars”, allures you within its grasp on the first listen. Sultry, galactic and whimsical, this track is empowering and has a whimsical touch that will leave you wanting to press repeat! One of the theme songs for the movie and my favorite music video in 2018, “All The Stars” is a Black Panther anthem with a timeless message of love, truth, freedom and honor. An orchestra of dreams and self-fulfilling prophecies sonically arranged for your enjoyment and interpretation, Lamar holds no bars and continues to incessantly impress upon me the importance of remembering that Art has an overarching purpose to inspire others to aspire to the limitless potential that lies within as opposed to self-aggrandizement. And the Princess Sza, royally does her thing effortlessly with the same powerhouse vocals that greeted us in Ctrl.

Brilliantly directed by Dave Meyers and the little homies with compelling cinematic visuals, check out “All The Stars” and allow yourself to time travel for the rest of the week. And, be sure to thoroughly listen to the rest of the Black Panther Soundtrack curated by Lamar as it will not disappoint!

💜Love & Light☀,