In a time where you can watch TV shows on Facebook, “shorts” and “mini series” have began to rise. A new mini-series has risen on Facebook and its chock full of brutal truths about motherhood, but done in a comedic and lighthearted way. Clocking in at only about three minutes an episode, the series is easy to watch and binge worthy.

If you haven’t heard about it, this new show making a splash is called ‘Sh*t No One Told You’. So far, the TV show has been making headlines and people are loving it. The December episode has already garnered 420,000 views on Facebook.

The show centers around the reality of having a baby- the hidden reality no one tells you about. Breastfeeding and sex during parenthood are just a few of the ‘taboo’ subjects the comedic leads cover. For Haely White (one of the show’s leading acting duo), discovering these “momly” surprises unlocked the gates to a whole new lifestyle. As she says in our interview,

“It was like I uncovered this mysterious hidden world that everyone else is going through, but no one is talking about. The good thing is that pain and suffering make terrific comedy, so we took it upon ourselves to share our truths as a way to tell other moms and parents they aren’t alone.”

Making Most Of Parenthood And the Struggles Of Raising A Kid – In A Humorous Way

The acting duo is completed by Samantha Gutstadt, a star appearing in the TV show who always loved creating comedy content – and loved it even more after becoming a mom. As you would guess, the nature of the show connects funny moms, Samantha and Haely, in a natural way as they combined their shared maternal experience through comedy while making the most of parenthood.

For Samantha, there is no mom that doesn’t love her child. However, at the same time, there is no mom that could escape from all the struggles of raising a kid. As she states, “If we can laugh while connecting and creating community, then all the better. Sh*t No One Told is a show meant to be shared in the parenting community. It’s a show that we hope will make moms (and dads) feel like “we are all in this together”— because after all, we are.”

According to both actresses, the show is based on a simple idea that is taken from real-life experiences, brainstormed and outlined with a great structure and synopsis. After it was rewritten at least 25 times, the team decided to make a TV show out of it and now it is the up and coming success story we are seeing today.

A Show Based On Honesty, Community and Humor (Plus Some Itchy Topics)

When watching, it is evident that the the most important elements and takeaways of the show are the honesty, community and humor. Haely and Samantha have created a creative platform where they can discuss sensitive issues and showcase relatable experiences that parents can relate to and laugh about.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you are a mom, a parent or not involved in parenthood at all….

‘Sh*t No One Told You’, is downright funny, and for everyone. The combination of brilliant acting, clever scripts and interesting subjects makes this new mini series relatable to some, but hysterical to all.

Tune in to ‘Sh*t No One Told You’ today by clicking here!

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