I have two favorite accessories that I wear every single day: 😎shades😎 and my fingerless 🧤gloves 🧤. These two enhancements are like armor I put on everyday before I step outside of my lovely abode. So it is with no surprise that when Chanel dropped the Metallic Lambskin Leather Fingerless Gloves unbeknownst to me, my higher more expanded non physical self knew and guided me right to Nordstroms in Nashville, TN, where my gaze fell upon them during the Christmas shopping season last year.

😘It was love at first sight, similar to the magnetic and majestic moment I watched Michael Jackson’s, Remember The Time Music video. The Art captured my free spirit and captivated my soul. Similarly, these iconic fingerless Chanel gloves blew my mind away into expansion so I was able to buy them without looking at the price tag. 👉DAT PART👈.

The Chanel Silver Metallic Lambskin Leather gloves are made of mirrored crackled silver colored leather and metallic silver color lambskin leather. They have perforations for breathability and a snap closure with the CC logo on each. And guess what Kings and Queens, they are completely sold out worldwide!

Chanel, you get the heART of Cool STAMP!

💜Love & Light☀,