Love your burgers? Instead of beef, grab a lean turkey burger for great taste and a good source of protein. This will fit nicely in your meal plan and keep you headed on your journey to being fit as well as healthy.

Try out this Turkey Burger Recipe below. Remember, eating healthy does not have to be boring and tasteless.

Lean Turkey Burger w/ Goat Cheese and Honey Mustard

CALORIES: 460 (with cheese) or 360 (without cheese)
1. 1/4 cup Dijon mustard
2. (1) tablespoon clover honey
3. Pink himalayan sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
4.  1/4 pounds 90-percent lean, freshly ground turkey (all white meat).
5. Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
6. (1) slice of goat cheese, sliced (1/2-inch thick)
7. (2) Multigrain hamburger buns, split and lightly grilled.

Recipe credit of Food 

Enjoy my friends!!!

– Shaun Spencer, HOC Contributor