Bart Cooper (aka Maxwell Dickson) is a Los Angeles based multi-faceted artist, who fuses east coast swag with California cool to innovate and create a variety of home decor products with great design that takes center stage in any room, commercial or residential. His empire has expanded rapidly and continues to grow incessantly. The visual art pieces birthed by Maxwell Dickson can be found in boutique hotels, creative office spaces, homes around the entire globe and of course here at heART of Cool. Take a voyage through the land of Bart Cooper and Maxwell Dickson as you read his interview below.


HoC: Who are you?

BC: Barthelomew Cooper.

HoC (Cris): What do you believe in?

HoC: First and foremost God, Myself. And that every person should contribute something for the good of humanity.

HoC: What is Art to you?

BC: Art is a beautiful expression of goodness.

HoC: When did you start making art?

BC: The first time I picked up a pencil to draw was at the age of three. I saw my father drawing a portrait. And right there, I was connected. I picked up the pencil for tge firat time that day and I have not stopped creating since.

HoC: And what made you want to make a profession out of it?

BC: I did not get serious about it until a High School teacher of mine purchased one of my pieces. I use to just give them away for free if someone liked it. I guess when you are born with a talent it does not really sink in that others do not have the same gift you possess.
However, my High School teacher insisted that she must purchase the piece. She actually  purchased a couple pieces of my work and every time she would raise the prices herself as she bought it. That really turned on the lightbulb in my brain that this could be something!


HoC: What process do you go through to produce your art pieces?

BC: No matter the medium. The process always starts in my head. The art is created from beginning to end in my mind before I even go to the selected canvas.Then I select what medium I want to use. Digital medium, acrylics, pencil, etc. Pretty much with me, whatever gets the vision out precisely,  is always my overall goal.

HoC: How does art play a role in your life as a human being?

BC: There is a quote that says it best, “The EARTH without art is just EH”. To me, being a creator on this journey through this world is everything. Creating gives me a sense of likeness to the creator.

HoC: What is the purpose of Maxwell Dickson Company?

BC: The soul purpose of Maxwell Dickson was to create an Art driven lifestyle, where the collector can experience Art in there living space. Each piece of Art t is bold, colorful, powerful, hype and modern all fused together at the same time. Each piece is alao affordable for the average person that loves art to be able to hang that Art piece into their home.


HoC: How did that idea come about?

BC: It came about just noticing how people love Art. They go to the museums and Art galleries and fall in love with the Art! However, with the price, most peoole cannot afford it!  I wanted to create a brand for that market filled with everyday people. Now, people who love art and with a reasonable price range, can get a nice giclee canvas print of the art in their homes.

HoC: What do you think about the growing intersection of art and fashion?

BC: I Love it. I love Fashion. I see it as a walking canvas. It lines up right with the “Art Driven Lifestyle” we create here at Maxwell Dickson.

HoC: What artists have influenced you and what artists are still influencing you now?

BC: Leonardo Da Vinci, Norman Rockwell, Todd McFarland, Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali.

The dope thing about it to me art is not just subjected to paint on canvas. To me it’s the rhythm to how they move in this life, this world. All of these amazing Artists, use the earth as their canvas. Hope im not going to deep with it lol, but it is truly how I feel. Most of these Artists were passionate and great in there gifts and talents.

HoC: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

BC: To be honest, I have been so driven and so focused on making Art that I have really never taken the time to even bask in my highlights.

I’ve been too busy enjoying the ride! Getting a person every now and then that hits me up just to say that my drive and art ignited a flame and inspired them to stay the course in life, pursueing their passion. And that, to me, is a great Highlight and the true reward! It always let’s me know that I am operating in my purpose because not only am I inspiring myself, I am inspiring others.

HoC: What are you looking forward to in the future?

BC: For the Maxwell Dickson brand, I see my art in more households. We also are getting the business ready to head into the commercial scene. For my personal Art endeavors, I would love to see my pieces in major hotels all around the world.

HoC: Is there anything we should be on the look out for?

BC: More great art being cranked out from me! And watch my art light up every dark crevice!

HoC: What advice can you lend to other aspiring artists?

BC: Art is tough! As much as it’s very influential in our world. An Artist must totally go against the grain of how our society is setup. So my advice would be: You better be passionately in love with what you do! And also learn the business end of it so you know how to make a living doing what you love.

HoC: What is the heART of Cool to you?

BC: The heart of cool is the person who’s at the center. The base. Someone who is at the core of what they Love to do and this love is expressed and felt through their energy.

💜Love & Light🌞,