HeART of Cool: Describe your start in Fine Art Photography? Also what was the first Photo you sold, and how did that come about?
David Drebin: When Elton John purchased many photographs from my first show in LA at Fahey Klein Gallery in 2004 I knew we were onto something. I always had internal validation but it was certainly a confidence booster at the beginning of my art career to have some external validation too.
HoC: What advice would you give to a young person that wants to be a famous photographer like you?
DD: Believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. Also, find people that you believe in and not just people you think believe in you.
HoC: You recently created the Photo-Sculpture what is that exactly? and how did it come about?
DD: The Photo Sculptures we have created are 3 dimensional prints of photographs we have taken with over 150 camera 360 degrees simultaneously housed in either glass or acrylic and stand alone as well on plynths and showcased at art fairs worldwide.
HoC: You have shown recently in London, Germany and Brussels? Which is your favorite city and why?
DD: It’s the faces, never the places.
HoC: Do you have any shows coming up? What can your fans expect to see next from you? Any news you’d like to share?
DD: Shows non stop worldwide from New York to Berlin, Brussels, London, Miami, Mykonos, St Tropez and many more art fairs around the world. The key is to always stay relevant and having teNeues, our publisher, publishing all of our books and distributing them worldwide is something we are very grateful for.
HoC: What is the “Heart of Cool” to you?
DD: Heart of Cool is Heart of Truth. The truth is always cool and finding truth in all relationships is what makes life worthwhile but first the truth comes from within so best to be oneself which is the best advice anyone ever gave me and that I have given myself which is “be yourself”, now that is the “Heart Of Cool”.