COMMON, one of the best emcees to walk the planet, has dropped three singles lately in preparation to dropping his 11th album, BLACK AMERICA AGAIN. This brother is so righteous everything he spits is a prophecy; every word, a revelation of truth, unwavering in its intention and unapologetic in its authentic black American perspective. COMMON, the King is never luke warm, but always hot as the Sun OR cold as Chi-town ice.

Releasing his third single, Black America, from his upcoming 11th album on November 4th on Atrium/ Def Jam, COMMON is letting everyone know where his head is around the State and Plight of not only black Americans, but of the very fabric that makes every man and woman, human here in America.

The type of guy that does not need to pimp the people, so drops gems of knowledge on them instead in songs such as “Letter To The Free” and “Home” and we cannot forget “BLACK AMERICA AGAIN”. All of these musical gems and more are compiled in BLACK AMERICA AGAIN in an effort to spark mental freedom upon them so that they too can soar.

Yes, COMMON, is the type of brotha that demystifies all of the critics. A man, who does not just talk about it, but is about it, partnering with brands such as Allstate to create scholarships and jobs for the inner city youth in Chicago, a city where more Black Americans are dying by the year.

This body of work is on time or shall I say in time, as the elections are well underweigh and approaching its end. An activist at heart and a full devoted Artist for 25 years and counting; this human being, is one who never stops learning and never stops growing as he climbs to the top. COMMON has a lot to say to the PEOPLE in his godly lyrics and when you hear it, you will feel like he is an ice cold, swagged out, new-age, chi-town preacher in the pulpit sparking hope, knowledge, truth, light and love in the minds and hearts of all those who listen.

With the genius idea to collaborate with Karriem Riggins and Robert Glasper, you can already begin to imagine the jazzy and soulful feel COMMON’S 11th album is going to give. And the PEOPLE need it. I need it. We all need it.

All in all, the best part and most refreshing; if I may add, is the beautiful truth that in COMMON, we can lean on an Artist that is a leader. Someone who is not going to just rap about women, cars and money just to crank out a commercial record. But rather someone, who thinks about the messages that he promotes and disseminates throughout the universe.

Artists often times may find themselves in precarious situations where they have to decide on telling their truth no matter what the circumstances and staying politically safe to ensure the deals keep rolling in. It is sure refreshing to know that COMMON is that man who will stand up and speak out NO MATTER WHAT and still will keep collecting those Oscars, Grammys and checks!

Check out the official video for BLACK AMERICA AGAIN and COMMON’S performance of his latest single on Jimmy Fallon AND pre-order the album on itunes. You will not regret it!

💜Love & Light🌞,