This transmission is regarding your physical apparatus—your Earth suit. This technology has been created specifically for you, by you. You designed your physical body prior to incarnating; every detail of you is a part of your purpose. You are created from the stars—literally.


Your body without fail is always functioning to keep you alive. It is our bodies that hold the space for us to exist in this third dimensional plane. We are the essence of Spirit; fit inside a small complex physical body which only experiences five senses. This being accepted, it is crucial to pay attention to your body signals. Body signals are a way for our bodies to get our conscious attention. This can be experienced as a twitch, stinging sensation, tickle like feeling, ringing in the ears or a pressure.


Illness or dis-ease is another way our bodies attempt to get our attention. As beings operating on frequency—what is experienced physically is first experienced in our energetic fields. Our bodies bear the burden of our mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. I encourage you to listen to the dis-ease within your body to better understand the cause. You can start by getting into a relaxed state of consciousness.

Click Here For Breathing Exercise.

Next bring your focus to the area of your body in pain or discomfort. In your minds eye visualize what the energy looks like. Feel and listen to what is being expressed. As you experience the totality of the dis-ease within the body, ask what this pain has come from. Lastly, be completely open to how you receive your answer.


Continue connecting to the highest conceivable version of you by bringing your focus inward daily. You are here for a great purpose—question your reason for being and pursue all doors that lead to excitement.

Sending you all love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky