Since becoming a mum I’ve had to make several sacrifices – less sleep, less freedom, a lot less skinny leather trousers and, most certainly, less knowledge of up and coming music. Back in the day, before kids, my husband & I made a hobby out of new music, standing in dingy, sticky nightclubs hoping to unearth a gem (and quite often we did) but the kids took away our freedom to go out when we want, our time to research ‘up and comings’ and our money to throw away on, quite possibly, a crap act. Actually, I say ‘we’ but that’s a lie, my husband still makes music his thing and still goes to the same sweaty venues and stands for hours watching, quite possibly, the next big thing (which only leads me to conclude he is a lot less tired than me, since I choose sleep). Anyway, because of my husband I’m never entirely clue-ness when it comes to music, even if I no longer unearth the gems myself, so here are the acts that are set to dominate the rest of 2016. Don’t worry if you got the information second-hand (like me) here is all you need to know to fob it off like you own it.

La Priest

Who: Sam Dust

Hometown: Wales, United Kingdom

Label: Domino

About: LA Priest is the alter-ego of songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Dust, aka the former Late Of The Pier frontman. His debut solo album, Inji, has cultivated worldwide buzz, earning him some serious artist.

The Look: Eclectic hippy

The Sound: Psych-pop

Essential Track: Learning to Love


Tei Shi

Who: Valerie Teicher

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Label: Mermaid Avenue / Double Denim Records

About: Since Te Shi has been incredibly well received by critics and fans alike since launching her debut in 2013. Tei She is an indie singer-songwriter and producer currently based In Brooklyn but from Argentina.

The Look: Casual basics with a pop of interest via printed shirts, pyjama jackets and girly dresses, changing hair colours from black to bleach blonde.

The Sound: Teicher describes her sound as ‘mermaid music’, which comes closest to celestial R&B or dreamy, dazed electro

Essential Track: Bassically



Who: Bridie Monds-Watson

Hometown: Derry, Northern Ireland

Label: Rough Trade Records

About: Soak is the persona of 19 year old Bridie Monds-Watson. She has been hailed a true talent since 2015 where she topped all ‘must watch’ lists.

The Look: Androgonous, skater boy with staples such as leather jackets and skinny
black jeans

The Sound: Ethereal, emotive folk

Essential Track: Sea Creatures


Jack Garratt

Who: Jack Garratt

Hometown: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Label: Island Records

About: Multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt was awarded the Brits Critics’ Choice prize for 2016 and has been touring the festival circuit extensively, setting stages alight with his enigmatic performances. He’s been writing songs since the age of 12 and eventually released the single I Couldn’t Want You Anyway in early 2014. His USP is that he does everything himself, yep, all that music you hear is made by him. BBC Radio 1 have backed him as their artist of the year, so expect big(ger) things.

The Look: Easy basics with a touch of outdoorsy ease

The Sound: Bombastic, emotive electro-folk

Essential Track: Weathered



Who: Carlotta Cosials, Ana García Perrote, Ade Martín, Amber Grimbergen

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Label: Burger Records

About: Hinds is a Spanish rock band from Madrid. They were originally called Deers but were forced to change it in 2014 (due to legal action from another band with the same name). The band originally started as a duo and later became a four piece.

The Look: Summer-ready festival staples.

The Sound: Playful lo-fi garage rock with touch of feisty surf rock

Essential Track: Chili Town


There you go, 5 sounds it’s not too late to fall in love with this year !

Happy listening