Heres is a great video for toning an shaping your legs. 

Lunges are a great exercise to help build the legs and butt. They can be done with dumbbells, barbells, or even just body weight. This is an exercise that does not need a gym membership and can be done at home, if needed. When doing them, be sure your chin and chest are up, your core is contracted for body control and you never rush.

Now more importantly is this……

PUSH FROM HEELS NOT BALL OF FOOT – When doing lunges you want to be sure, on the way back up from the lunge, that you are pushing from the heel of your foot and not the ball (front) of your foot. When you press from the ball of your foot, you are activating the quads (front of legs) instead of the hamstrings (back of legs), which are the primary focus when doing lunges. When you push from the heels, you activate both the hamstrings and the glutes (butt). Once you perfect this movement and push from the right foot placement, your results will come faster and you will definitely feel the burn. If body weight becomes easy, then grab a pair of dumbbells to add resistance.