Chance The Rapper’s “Coloring Book” is a colorful musical portrait of transcendence. Deep. Poetic. Vivid. Purposeful. A true reflection of a leader and a man who understands that Art Is Life and Life is Art. An Artist that understands his responsibility to speak his truth for the enlightenment and progress of the massess as opposed to creating more webs of illusions based on the drunkeness of the exuberance of his own verbosity.

Chance the rapper truly gets it. He truly understands the importance of being an Artist in this day and age. And he is truly maximizing and optimiziny the agency Artists today have to build their own careers on their own terms.

In actuality, the beauty of Chance The Rapper’s album is no surprise when you remember the explosive verse he delivered on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” as we voyaged on the “Life Of Pablo” with Mr. West. It was brilliantly captivating and soul nourishing. It was clear that this philosopher is rooted in his beliefs and convictions; “encapsulating his past, asserting his present, and telegraphing his future as he positions himself as a rapper to be reckoned with from a mainstream podium”, but FREE and unsigned, owning all his brilliance and intellectual property.

Pitch Fork accurately explains, Coloring Book“, packs in so much gospel verve that it sounds like Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir are going to drop into half the tracks and recite 1 Timothy 4:12 in chorale. Instead, we get Kirk Franklin promising to lead us into the Promised Land, alongside appearances by demonstrated materialistic heathens like 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Future—and the result is an uplifting mix that even an atheist can catch the Spirit to.”

So check this piece of Art out and be inspired!

💜Love & Light🌞,