This has been the best ART find in a while! Mr. Peter Terrin has gone above and beyond to make his mark in the art world. Terrin, is not one of the guys that needed some life changing thing to happen to express himself through his ART. TERRIN has always treated painting like breathing! Taking every moment possible to paint canvases as big as he could get them. Terrin, has painted all sorts of amazing paintings and graduating from textile school in Belgium is just one of his many accomplishments.


It was one painting in particular that caught my eye as usual, but this one I may have to actually purchase. This piece entitled, FACING EAST,  just spoke to me in a way that I could almost feel exactly what was happening in the moments of it’s creations; funny, how art can do that.


TERRIN has a very distinct way of having his paintings stick. If you are a lover of acrylic paint this is the man for the job!


The FACING EAST piece, is just one of many dope creations by Terrin. He has been painting as long as he can remember and his paintings say the exact same thing. Terrin has exhibited his work all over the world from ART EXPO NEW YORK to ART MONACO, which I have heard tons about but have not experienced yet. Terrin has come in with the game all figured out and will continue to make crazy traction, creating these beautiful pieces. I literally cannot wait to get my hands on one of these; and that l, is very rare for me.


Thanks for the inspiration Mr.Peter Terrin!

Signing Off!