Tenth studio album entitled, GRATEFUL, was release by DJ Khaled last Friday. And the track entitled, “Nobody”, is what I am featuring. Why? Well, because the message this melody carries is one that every human being can relate to. In life, we go through challenges and sometimes we count ourselves out because of what other people say and because of the lies we believe about ourselves. But the truth is, anything that you are going through, you can grow through and it builds character and self-love as you rise above whatever obstacle you face – whether big or small. And we all go through tough times, whether you are rich or poor; famous
Or not – Life happens to everyone!

Nickie Minaj‘s daggering delivery coupled with Alicia Key‘s raw and emotionally filled vocals is the perfect combination. And it feels good to bop your head to a swagged out song, where you can righteously champion the message along with the music.

The amount of A-list Artists on, GRATEFUL, is beyond comprehension and reflects collaborative economics at its best. Khaled says, “A lot of these relationships I have is from us artists having the same dream and goal. When I reach out to somebody and I present a song or an idea or a track or a vision, we’re all excited to do it. We push each other to be great and we have respect for each other.”

Words spoken by a true visionary and beautiful human being that with the birth of his son, Asahd, is feeling grateful and blessed. And when you are filled with so much happiness and love, all you want to do is spread that love. And, this is what life is truly about. So as listen to, “Nobody”, as we watch our world grow and heal itself by remaining grateful, creating, loving ourselves and others.

💜Love & Light☀️,