YO – hold up and wait ☝ second. Drizzy Drake just stole my heART and I did not even know it was up for grabs. And how did this SCORPIO brother do this? Well, he wore his heART on his sleeve and backed it up with 👉HARD CORE👈 actions in his “God’s Plan” video by reuniting Hip Hop with altruism in a non conventional way that the world has never seen. His budget for his video was $996,631.90 and he decided to give it all away to real human beings in Miami-Dade County that are doing their best to dream and achieve during a time when the chasm between the “haves” and the “have nots” are getting bigger daily. Yes, that’s right. From groceries, luxury shopping sprees, scholarships and luxury cars – Drake surprised every day people in an extraordinary way with everyday blessings that a select few across the planet experience every single day.

SO, let me break this down for everyone: instead of being a typical Artist that is more preoccupied with his or her image, Drake selected to be more concerned with the GLOBAL impact he had the potential to manifest for a purpose that superseded his music all together. A decision and a model that young people around the world witnessed this past Friday, February 16th (the same day Black Panther was released and shattered the box office making$387 Million if I might add).✊ POWERFUL✊, indeed.

An act that Drake manifested, inspiring all of us to aspire to make a social impact within our families, communities and environment at large. And in doing so, he just raised the bar when it comes to how us Artists approach the conventional ways we express our Art.  Is it for vanity and egotistical purposes ( and we all know what ego stands for [Edging God Out] )or is it to connect to something bigger than ourselves collectively, yet at the same time, something that we are all connected to: and that light beings, is none other than SOURCE energy!

SO, will we, as Artists of life, submit to the politics and commercial pressures Hollywood promulgate? Or, will we cling to our authentic and independent spirit fearlessly and create our own terms that uplift not only ourselves, but the lives within the community around us? My answer is the latter of course. What will your answer be?

Directed by none other than Karena Evans. check out the video “God’s Plan” and let us continue to aspire to inspire to make a difference with everything the Creator blesses us with.


💜The high school Drake donates $25,000 to is Miami Senior High School.

️The University of Miami Student Drake Donates $50,000 to Help Cover Tuition is Destiny James.

🧡The grocery store where Drake gives back is the Sabor Tropical Super Market in Miami.

💙The women’s homeless shelter Drake donated $50,000 and an assortment of gifts to is the Lotus House of Miami.

💛That is Pittsburgh Steelers superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown dancing with Drake inside a mall.

💜Love & Light☀,