When it comes to working out and practicing yoga, I am noticing more and more that fashion and style are creeping into the gym and yoga studios in a rather fearlessly cool way. And it’s about time as style is who you are, so whether or not you are working your body and mind out or merely walking through the streets casually going about your day, what you wear should reflect your personality and allow you to express how you are feeling that particular day.

In the past it seemed as if our options to express our personal flavor while partaking in our daily rituals that elevate our mind, body and spirit simultaneously were significantly limited to bland monochromatic colors. However, the dawn of a new era has risen with the discovery of NO KA ’OI, where you can literally transition from, “class to café and beyond”, while wearing activewear inspired by, “nature’s enduring strength and timeless beauty translated into vibrant colors, organic patterns, and unique details”, on your avatar. A new era, where activewear and fashion are flawlessly uniting style and functionality, using the best couture principles and hand construction techniques.

As a woman who absolutely is enamored with embroidery, I was elated to discover that NO KA ’OI is a ‘Made in Rilievi’ brand. Established in 1991 in Bologna, Italy, The Rilievi Group, is a leading company in handmade tailoring and embroidery for the haute couture industry. They work with major design houses in both Europe and America and have 25 years of experience in the fashion game.

Check out some of my favorite pieces, some of which I own and wear incessantly.

And NO KA ’OI, you all get the heART of cool STAMP!

Quotes: http://shopnokaoi.com/about-us

💜Love & Light☀,