Lately, with this whole HEALTH IS WEALTH, I have been doing my best to burn 1,000 calories during my cardio session, which ends up taking about an hour and twenty minutes (a long time). I am sure you can imagine that in order to get through that, one must have their playlist on point. Otherwise, it can get just a tad bit boring, especially in the gym.

So I absolutely love when Artists drop albums where you can listen to every song as they take you on a journey and bring you up to date with their life and how they see the world. Drake’s MORE LIFE is one of those albums where you can ride his wave all the way through. His tracks are far and wide from a musical perspective. From grime, semi-Trap to Afro-beats and global pop, he pretty much has every sound covered.

My favorite record so far is “Get It Together” featuring DJ Black Coffee & 19 year-old British Vocalist Jorja Smith, a lightly updated version of Coffee’s 2011 “Superman” (One of my favorite tracks which Tash hipped me up to) featuring South African R&B and House Singer, Bucie.

With 61.3 million downloads on Spotify and 89.9 million streams on Apple Music, I would say that Mr. Drizzy Drake is giving quite a few people MORE LIFE as he shatters streaming records.

So next time you are going to gym to work on your be-u-tiful from the inside out, take MORE LIFE with you. And for now, listen to my favorite tracks, “Get It Together” and as always, let us know what you think.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills