Now this is what I call creating a vibe and Haiti never looked so good!

This past weekend Haitian Jazz singer Cècile Mclorin Salvant was featured in the New York times in the “25 songs that tell us where music is going”. Salvant was listed number 19 on the list, which after a little research I found it was very hard to do. This immediately prompted me to take a listen to the tunes of course; not to mention she is a Haitian woman who is making some serious noise in the Jazz industry.

Upon taking a listen I could totally see how this had all happened! Salvant has a voice that is like none other in my opinion. The soothing texture she adds to the instruments gives you the feeling of the greats.

Salvant is 26 years old and is not playing any games at all! In 2016 she won a Grammy for best Jazz vocal album and this year made it to the NYT. Now that is some serious business.

The the true highlight is how amazing she is making Haiti look so amazing at such a crucial time for the country. Haiti has been trying to get back on solid ground since the earthquake. Finally, I think it is safe to say the country is well on it’s way. Haitian culture is like none other and breeds some of the greats in many areas but in music right off hand the only person you can truly think of is Wyclef Jean, who worked hard to gain the respect that the culture has now which is so amazing.

I remember growing up in Miami where most Haitians where but not being able to be proud with fear of being judged or bullied. However, now being Haitian has become a cool thing, especially in music.

Seeing this story truly gave me some inspiration to keep fighting to shed light on race equality. We are all great and have the capability to create a new way of life for not just ourselves but others as well. This is what I know to be a true act of humanity!

Congrats mademoiselle Salvant L’Union fait la force! H T H T H T H T

Signing Off!