Well, Mr. Drizzy Drake is clearly making a statement with his approach to using his music videos as platforms to disseminate a clear message that shifts and expands the consciousness of its viewers from a primal, basic and more materialistic focus to a focus that is more higher in nature. His latest music video, “Nice For What”, is a salute to a diverse collective of inspirational women who reflect the determination, ambition, strength, love, resilience, independence, magic and beauty that all women on the planet possess.

A woman-directed Music video that honors and celebrates dynamic women within their respective passions. All of the women reflected are well-known celebrities: Misty Copeland, Tracee Ellis Ross, Letitia Wright, Tiffany Haddish, Yara Shahidi, Zoe Zaldana and more. And these women become the alluring focus of the video while Drake is merely in the background and Big Freeda has a few memorably potent moments on the track also.

In a music culture that is known for its bravado, Drake sure is highlighting another reality during a time when the ME TOO movement is still on the rise. And he is doing it in such a way that is not self-righteous and raises truths that are bigger than his Artistry all together. And I find that to be super


💜Love & Light☀,