Well, I have a new favorite female Artist. And, I got two words to describe her: SHE BAD. An American-Columbian with swag on 1 Million and the beauty and brains to match based on her lyrical content, Miss Kali Uchis is an undeniable whimsical force of nature to be reckoned with and, “she ain’t playing no games”, as they say.

Songwriter, record producer, poet, fashion designer and music video director in addition to housing some mean and authentic vocals, Uchis elevates the meaning of multitalented. In her own lane shining bright while she encourages those who witness her creative purpose manifested, Uchis has a divine intentions n and magnetic aroma when it comes to the Artistic dope she releases in the atmosphere for us all to digest. Her father named her and afforded her the opportunities to travel between Columbia and the States while young. Once she finally settled in Alexandria, Virginia, she grew up paying piano and the saxophone and began the journey of mastering music production and video editing while in T.C. Williams High School. 🌈The rest is Supreme history💕.

Releasing her first mixtape, ‘Drunken Babble’ on August 1, 2012, her musical scent was described as colorful and genre-defying with hints and notes of funk, reggae, early-2000s R&B, doo-wop and a familiar Jazzy  Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday sound. “Light and airy in its sweetness, Uchis’ songs feel like they bloom into fluffy, ebullient tufts of [glittered] cotton candy — only to soon melt in the hot June sun and dry into a hardened candy shell”, no matter the season.

From Tyler The Creator, Diplo, Snoop Dog, Jorja Smith and more; Uchis has collaborated with Artists across a plethora of genres that capture a similar ability to transcend the general Music politics and hoopla, which often times can compromise the integrity and authenticity of the work.

Check out my two favorite music videos that are sure to blow your mind with their visually stimulating and captivating other worldly and mystical aesthetic. The self-awareness and limitless nature raised in the viewers consciousness as they melt to become one with Uchis’ sonic healing and awakening, is not to be taken lightly. You will most certainly elevate dimensions as a consequence if even merely for a second. And trust me when I tell you, it’s well worth it.


Name: Tyrant” featuring Jorja Smith
Date: May 22nd 2017


Name: “After The Storm” featuring Tyler The Creator and Bootsy Collins
Date:  January 2018
🦋KALI 💫UCHIS💕, you have just been
😎fficially  heART Of Cool STAMPED bright STAR 🌟.

💜Love & Light☀,