Well, with Valentine’s day being tomorrow, I found it most fitting to select a song that is endearing, delightful and charming. UK artist, Ed Sheeran, serenades us in, “The Shape Of You”, a song about love beyond colour lines and rooted in compatibility that emanates from the inside-out. Two boxers who find love in a local boxing gym allow us to peak into their love story as it unfolds. There are elements that are a bit cheesy, but the imagery is adorable. It truly reminds us of how love is such a divine solvent that washes away the pain and craziness life is sure to some how bring our merry way. And given the state of our national affairs, the cheesiness and light heartedness of it all is actually warranted and very much appreciated.

If you did not catch Ed Sheeran’s performance last night on the Grammys, check out both the video and his live performance right now, right here and let us know your honest thoughts on “The Shape Of You”, starring Jennie Pegouskie and retired sumo wrestler, Yamamotoyama. The video was directed by Jason Koenig; and as of February 13th, has received over 105 million views in 14 days.

A bonus fact that you may have not known is that this record was actually written by Ed Sheeran and his partner for Rihanna originally.

💜Love & Light🌞,