Porsche has out done themselves this time with the new Panamera!

I love Porsche and think it’s a great car and I AM sure Cristen share’s those sentiments being a Porsche owner herself. After seeing this, I think it made me a total believer.

The Panamera has been the go to vehicle for Porsche for quite some time for those who love Porsche but wanted 4 doors. Now they have taken it up a notch adding new colour ways for the interior and new fancy exterior fixtures, such as lights, tail pipes and sun roof options! The flat back body reminds you of a hatch back in a sense with room not only for riders but storage as well! This is what excited many about the 4 door sedan.

The titanium alloy wheels and matching calibers are of course always a plus but will definitely cost you a bit extra! I haven’t seen it in person but from the looks of it they have gotten this one down to a science.

Signing Off!