Lady Leshurr

To those who do not know about Lady Leshurr

let us be the first to tell you: The Fresh MC is DOPE. Cool, calm, confident and collected, Ms.Leshurr; originally from Solihull, United Kindom, has hit the scene smokin hottttt!!!! Her latest release of Queen’s speech 3 and 4 is a total online lituation as we say.

Queen’s speech 4 is at a crucial 20,001,955 views to date to be exact. And Lyricist Leshurr has such a way with words, but what’s most captivating is the fact that she is using real life experience and terminology wrapped up in global cultural capital to get her point across! AND IT IS WORKING!!! Leshurr’s most known record, “BRUSH YO TEETH”, is something special. WHY? Because we all can relate to it!

The attention that it has garnered caught us off guard as we know the female rap game is not often highlighted. In fact, the last person out the gate was Nikki Minaj. It is actually a breath of fresh air to witness the diverse female talent that is currently on the global market. Leshurr is currently touring and will probably be in a city near you. SO PAY ATTENTION! It may not be a bad idea to take a peek into her world and allow yourself to be captivated by her glow because LADY LESHURR gets the HEART OF COOL stamp! Check out the lyricist pop off during in her show in Paris.

Signing Off
Cris and Tash