With Sundance just coming to an end less than a week ago, HOC went on the prowl for a dynamic and worthwhile independent film to highlight and put on your radar. This year, the one that scored high on our HeART of Cool thermometer was “Manchester By The Sea”. Co-produced by none other than Matt Daemon and Kperiodmedia as well as written/ directed by Kenny Longerman. “Manchester By The Sea” is the narrative of a janitor by the name of Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck)  from Manchester, Boston; who suddenly, not only loses his only brother, but also finds himself moving back to his hometown to take care of his brother’s 16 year-old son. Heart-wrenching, painfully nostalgic and a coming of age story, this film is one that uses the pain that life tends to throw our way in an effort to harnass the beauty and strength of the soul within.


The film apparently was the talk of the town during Sundance, garnered rave reviews from the movie critics and was bought by Amazon for 10 Million Dollars. Not bad. Take a look at the trailer and let us know if you are planning to see it.


💜Love & Light🌞,