PAIN – A real thing in this quest we all find ourselves in on the journey of life. And – LIFE – undoubtedly brings about pain and contrast. Depending upon how we deal with the PAIN determines the blessings or curses that envelop us. But guess what? The decision is ours. And as J. Cole says, “Chose Wisely”.

What if I told you that all pain, adversity and contrast is a blessing? Would you believe me? I mean how do you know what you really value and what you really are made of – if you don’t discover that in your lowest hour. It’s easy to be optimistic and faith-filled and mentally at peace and consumed with joy when everything is going well. It’s when you are tested and in the midst of your personal trial feeling like you are all alone and about to go head to head with your personal “Goliath”, that you really learn about the core of who you are and what you are made of. And it is also, when you see those who are/ were around you are made of also. That’s revelation. And the revelation of truth is a BLESSING 🙏.

PAIN – well, we all 🌳GROW🌳through it. Some have to spend more time getting the lessons than others, but the reality is – it’s not what happens to us that defines us. It’s how we respond to what enters our respective personal experiences on this planet that truly shapes us. And guess what? You have full power and dominion over anything or anyone that raises up against you. Whether it be sickness, a since of loss or a “perceived” enemy – God gave you everything you need to rise above it all.

I have been in the entertainment industry for over 15 year and it breaks my heART to see all my brothers and sisters that suffer – not from their pain, but from how they decide to respond and COPE with it. From Michael JACKSON, Prince, Whitney, Avici, DJ AM and countless others – damn! Do you see the tablets of wisdom and redemption that these light beings left for us? They showed us that the coping mechanisms they selected were counterfeit. As brilliant as they were and as much as they gave the world, they forgot to protect along the way their true power that lies deep within as their birth right – the spark of life. And to make matters worse, they had people around them that were either just as blind as they were or did not know how to risk it all by standing up and shouting out for life and wellbeing AT ALL COSTS. Not fame and fortune at all costs.

Life is a gift 🎁! And there is no accomplishment, no relationship and no lifestyle that can match it. We are the gifts. The validation we find ourselves seeking in this life is an illusion that has us delusional because we were born validated. We are the gifts and treasures we seek that cannot be contained. We are the miracles!

Where ever you are in your journey – love yourself, forgive yourself and honor yourself. If it does not serve and honor you – meditate past it. If they don’t serve and honor the higher version of you – move past them in love unconditional and no judgement. Trust the way you feel – that is the God conscious planted within you. And be patient along the way. REMEMBER, “Heaven is a state of mind” – so guard your mind and how you spend your time. And, last but not least – open your heART, mind and spirit to a young poet, J. Cole as you journey and explore his recently released album, KOD. The music that he and his dynamic team created is a remedy of truth, conviction, love & Light surrounding pain, addiction and coping. And broke the US Apple Music record for biggest single day with 64.5 Million streams 🙌.

King J. Cole – praying for you and your beloved family always. Thanking the Most High for the authentic expression that breathes within you. May you and your children live long on the land 🙏.

💜Love & Light☀,