As a social entrepreneur, it’s so easy to run myself ragged to the bone. Yes, me – the queen of wellness to some – has a challenge with balance and well-being when faced with the demands of the world coupled with owning your own businesses. Consequently, I live and lurk the planet for Spa Diamonds – a sanctuary for my body, which is the temple. And, oh, do they come in handy. Whether I want to keep my immune system up, ward off a cold, recover from one or want to enhance my detox process when I am juicing – I am 🙏grateful🙏for Spas.

The one Spa that you are bound to catch me at in LA is none other than the Korean Spa: Olympic. No disrespect to my homegirl Gilma at Four Seasons. I just have to give props where props is due. And when it comes to having a fully loaded Spa with steam, infrared sauna, pink Himalayan oxygen sauna, mugworts bath with heated floors and a restaurant serving top shelf Korean food at an economical price point – the Olympic Spa is it. Single sex and promoting a positive relationship to a woman’s body – I love letting it all hang out. It’s liberating and loving all at the same time.

If you live in LA or ever come to visit – please treat yourself to an entire day there. Although they are famous for their Milk & Honey Treatment and I absolutely love their Shiatsu and Reflexology, you do not have to have a service. You could easily spend 4 to 5 hours just enjoying the other amenities that come for a $20 entrance fee.


  1. My favorite – absolute favorite – activity is going back and forth between the Mugworts Bath and the cold plunge pool. The Mugworts bath is an Angelica that is brewed into a tea. Highly regarded in the east and west of Asia, some of its properties are: regulate menstrual cycle, stimulate your nervous system, detoxification, enhances skin, increases blood circulation and more.
  2. 👉SECRET👈 I meet some of the most fascinating women at this location also. Some who I know I will do business with in the future. And I love making money while beautifying and detoxing 😉.

💜Love & Light☀,