Well, last week Jay Z and Mr. Dion Wilson (a.k.a. No ID) released Jay Z’s album, 4:44, which will be available on Tidal exclusively for a week as Jay Z owns Tidal. And he is a business, man and a business all in one so I would expect nothing less.

Mr. Jay Z shows us a gem on how to live in freedom. Tell no lies and love yourself as you expose your mistakes in the raw. Yes, we all know about the explosive elevator ride that Solange, Beyonce and Jay shared during the Met Gala a few years ago and we have all witnessed the glorious account and creative musical portrait that Beyonce’s manifested with LEMONADE, sharing some of the joy and the pain of her love escapade and rollercoaster with Jay. However, we have yet to hear Jay’s point of view: the man, the hip hop legend, the business mogul, the husband and the father.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, wait no more, subscribe to Tidal so you can stream these steamy bangers or wait it out for a week when the exclusivity wears off.

💜Love & Light☀️,