So, since I am here for DJ Irie Weekend supporting the Irie Foundation and it has been at least a week since we have discussed anything health related, let’s read what Mr. Julian Butler of 1 Hotel Miami and open our minds and spirits to how we can unlock our fitness journey.

Your Fitness Journey Unlocked: The When & Why By Julian Butler

Your life, spirit and energy that occupies these avatars we call human bodies are some of the most powerful energies in the universe. We have been blessed with life and the ability to do great things much beyond ourselves. But what good are these blessings if the body we occupy is not functioning at its full potential? Imagine a life of full alignment where you not only treat your mind and soul with the glorious respect it deserves, but your body as well. Would you feel better? Do better? Be better? Imagine, instead of working against your physical being, you support and nurture it –  allowing the mind, body, and soul to coexist while manifesting its full purpose.

If you love yourself and are an advocate for human progress, the previous may sound intriguing – But maybe you need more convincing in order to start your fitness journey and STICK WITH IT!

Two questions that anyone contemplating starting a fitness journey should and need to ask themselves are: WHEN? And WHY?


⏰When should I start?

This question is often times the root of procrastination for a lot of people – With Monday being the usual answer. I mean, we get it, why not start at the beginning of week? Not only does this allow for you to start your week on a high note, but this also makes progress and goals more traceable by structuring your workout program on a week to week basis. But what happens when you run into that life obstacle that doesn’t allow for Monday to happen? Or Tuesday? Or Wednesday? Before you know it, it’s Thursday and you’ve lost that fire to start or continue your fitness journey because it’s not the beginning of the week and it’s just not the same.

We understand, we’ve all been through it – but what makes your journey different? It is your power of NOW. That’s it, whenever you are contemplating or lacking the motivation on when to start, remember that all you have is NOW – and that your goals of reaching your full potential start NOW. No more going by the calendar, or waiting for the most opportune time. We’ve been blessed with NOW and we will take advantage of it!


❓Why should I start?

This might be the most important question you should be asking yourself. Not only will this answer ignite your motivation to begin, but it will keep that flame burning to keep your progress alive. There could be several reasons why one might begin their fitness journey, but in order to find that significant reason, it starts with a series of questions and a brutally honest introspection.

What drives you? What gets you to wake up and go to that 9-5, day in and day out? Is it bills? A sense of survival? Or maybe you truly love to do what you do. We need to look at our bodies and our fitness journey in the same light.

Just as many things do, it should start with a vision. Where do you see yourself in a year? 5 years? A decade? When many people look at their future and envision where they would like to be, most don’t have a specific physical image. They do however, have a feeling, or energy that they aim to obtain.
“I want to be happy”

“I want to be healthy and feel good.”

“Im tired of feeling tired”
These are all common statements that help shape our vision and our “Why?” Although these are good statements; in order for our WHY to be a consistent and significant motivational force, we must dive even deeper into our vision.

Lets take the statement, “I want to be healthy, and feel good.”

What does healthy mean to you? Having a 6 pack? Being able to run a mile in a certain amount of time? Going to the doctor and having an above average report? The answer to this question can be a depending upon who you ask, and that’s okay – the most important part is finding YOUR definition and clarifying it into your vision. The clearer our vision is, the more obtainable it becomes.

The second part of that statement is, “..and feel good”. What does “good” feel like? Can you link this feeling to a present or past specific moment? What were your thoughts? How did your body feel? Was there anything different that you were doing or not doing? Again, the clearer our vision is, the more obtainable it becomes.

Lastly, when creating this vision and forming your why, we must remain brutally honest! It is the lies we tell ourselves that will hold us back from reaching our full potential. “Im not fat, I’m just big boned.”, too often we use this phrase when in reality it is a statement that allows us to accept our current situation. Our reality is our truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. Be brutally honest, because this honesty will keep you grounded and accountable.

Take your blessing of NOW, form your vision to create your WHY and start your journey TODAY!

💜Love & Light☀️,