Music is the sound of Universal intelligence jumping into our physical dimension to expand us, heal us and inspire a divine spark within that helps us to feel. It’s such a beautiful experience to hear a song and Think, “wow they described a situation I went through perfectly.” Or to feel wow this particular Artist is on the wavelength I am and must be encountering some dynamic realities within their own experiences that are pretty darn similar to what’s going on in the universe called my own consciousness.

Well, Justin Timberlake’s latest creation, “Filthy” has my new year swag absolutely rocking. It’s as if he has been in my head. His top line, “Haters going to Think it’s fake,” but it’s, “so real”, playfully describes the feeling I have been experiencing practicing the law of attraction all day every day. You begin to see how the universe really is conspiring towards your desires, manifesting the very requests that are deep within. The experience of this deliberate creation process is miraculous to the subject and quite an observation from those around you witnessing the raw unmitigated belief within you coupled with the authentic thoughts and actions of pure positive intention resonating inside. The very essence of you comes through and projects the reality that is growing within this physical Plane but only as a consequence of your unique energy coalescing energetically out here in the world to create your unique imprint on the heART’s and mind’s of human beings as you share your world.

Check out the “Filthy” video and watch Timberlake dazzle the audience with a robot that is literally synced with every move and vibration that Timberlake possesses. The end result is Timberlake dancing and singing as he performs backstage while the robot is on the main stage emulating everything that Timberlake is doing while the audience is won over in pure disbelief that the robot’s performance is pretty darn close to the energy Timberlake is projecting. And throughout the entire video until the very end, you are wondering which reality is more real – the robot or the hologram version of Timberlake. Futuristic and witty, light beings, I present to you, “Filthy”.


💜Love & Light☀️,