James Spooner is a vegan tattoo Artist in LA. Tattooing a variety of canvases for over a decade, Spooner has a keen concept and understanding when it comes to placements, coloring, black and grey, dot Work and using organic and natural products (e.g. vegan ink) on all sorts of skin tones. For over 20 Years Spooner has selected a vegan diet and desired to bring his craft in alignment with his personal lifestyle and beliefs, pioneering a vegan tattooing culture in LOS Angeles.

When it comes to the style of artwork that he co-creates with his clients, Spooner says, I’d be happy tattooing portraits, pictures of animals, and pretty ladies all day everyday”, but he also challenges his clients to be more creative, helping them manifest something that truly captures their unique perspective and essence.

A man of poignant minimalism, who wakes up every day and literally walks a few steps to his shop, has a real firm grasp and understanding of success from a perspective of true authentic fulfillment. Spooner explains, “My kids, girlfriend and my work bring me all the joy in the world, without my family and clients, I don’t know what I would do.”

So, if you are ever in LA and want a vegan tattoo Artist that will give you a tattoo session that will impact your soul, reach out to Mr. James Spooner.

Enjoy his work!

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