Oprah Winfrey’s riveting speech at the Golden Globes, as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, created an explosive and heart-felt standing ovation at the Beverly Hills Hilton this past Sunday at The Golden Globes. HeARTs were open and eyes rained as Oprah shared her sentiments about the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein accusations last October and the empowerment of women that have been impacted by sexual misconduct by powerful men not just in Hollywood, but across the globe. Amongst a sea of hollywood women that wore black in solidarity for the Times Up movement, shook their heads in agreement as Oprah vocalized the critical importance of speaking one’s truth from a place of wholeness and hope for a better future as opposed to from a place of victimization and brokenness. For it is shining light on truth that aids us in not turning a blind eye to injustice of every kind across the world.

The humility and sophisticated articulation of Oprah’s internalization of the power that women hold despite the abuse that they may have endured, sparked up flames of healing, hope and promise of a dawn of a new day where what use to be the norm as it relates to gender inequality is no longer tolerated by both women and men alike.

Listen to Oprah share from the tablets of her heART, her perspective and her dreams and allow her words to expand your conscious and broaden your horizons in every arena in your life. And, remember, no matter what happens to you, have the courage to speak your truth!

💜Love & Light☀️,