I love Shazam🧚‍♀️. Seriously. Shazam and I are in love. I mean to be out and about minding my own business in my own universe and all of a sudden hear a song that immediately dazzles my attention; and within seconds, know the exact name of the song as well as the Artist and genre of music it belongs to, literally blows my minds and gets me pumped every single time.

Just last week the aforementioned happened once again. I had just finished a workout at Equinox and low and behold while changing in the locker room, Keys N Krates’, “Glitter”, featuring Ambré Perkins came on and sure enough I shazammed it. I have been listening to “Glitter” at least 22 times a day since that day and I am so inspired by the song that I am going to create a short story behind it. And you see, just like that a powerful rocket 🚀 of desire 🚀 has been launched out in the universe and the catalyst was a musical selection coupled with the Shazam technology.

Everyday there are endless opportunities for you to be inspired and for you to use that inspiration to elevate your point of attraction by expanding your consciousness and ability to visualize and manifest. Listen to, “Glitter”, and be prepared to be intoxicated all week long with the vocals from New Orleans R&B singer, Perkins, coupled with smooth synths and a pulsating bass well orchestrated by Keys N Krates, that will have your swag rocking back and forth as your Glitter from the inside out!

💕Keys N Krates are a Canadian electronic musicband formed in 2008 out of Toronto, Ontario. The group consists of drummer Adam Tune, keyboardist David Matisse and turntablist Jr. Flo (Greg Dawson). The band started as a live hip-hop act reliant on rough a cappella loops on top of heavy bass-driven beats, and have since become a tight-knit trio of producers/performers.

💜Love & Light☀,