WHAT if I told you that you are an Icon? Would you believe me?

Most likely, based on the average person’s understanding of self-awareness, I would guess that most people that are reading this would:

1). Say that he or she is not an icon.

2). What is my point by asking such a question.

Well, based upon the definition, an icon is a person or thing regarded as a representative or symbol of something. And if you will accept the aforementioned suggestion, then of course all of the beings on the planet are icons. Why? Because we all have a divine spark within us which represents the CREATOR. And because our lives are symbolic of God – the GREAT I AM – we are all icons, indeed.

SO, for this week of gratitude, listen to, “ICON”, off of Jaden Smith‘s debuted album, SYRE, released on November 16. And then make sure to get the entire album and be prepared to get lost in 70 minutes of galactic “post-Frank Ocean Pop, post-808s electro-R&B and post-high school ennui,” according to COMPLEX.

And as we travel this week and prepare to spend time with our families or take time off from the hustle and bustle in life, let’s

🙏GIVE THANKS🙏 for the divine spark that lies within.

💜Love & Light☀️,